This agreement shall commence on the commencement date (Data of purchase) & will continue in force for the initial Term of which the work is completed for the services agreed and/or purchased under this contract following contract timeline. Upon expiry of the initial term, this agreement & its provisions will continue in force for the subsequent term(s), unless either party agrees otherwise under the "termination procedure".

Upon the expiry of the initial term, the service becomes a pay-as-you-go service to which our current cancellation policy applies. Any services deemed not to be a pay-as-you-go service including those services which shall be performed within the initial term, as defined above, shall be terminated in accordance with the termination provisions herein.

In this agreement, the "Purchaser" of services agrees to the following terms & conditions of The Grind Time Media and agrees to the legally binding agreement. At any stage, it is the duty of the "Purchaser" to remain in communication with The Grind Time Media to ensure project deliverables are provided within the timeframe specified on each service listing. It is the duty of the "Purchaser" to provide all the resources required to fulfil the services purchased on the dates specified during our onboarding call. This includes, but is not limited to, logo, fonts, colours, branding, images, descriptions, links, domain, GDPR certifications (If applicable), business information, bio & any other information to carry out the services purchased.

The Grind Time Media hold the right to perform the requested services promptly (See service timelines below for more information). At any stage, The Grind Time Media can not be held liable for missed key dates if resources have not been provided at the time specified during onboarding. Both parties must maintain communication throughout the agreement term (See communications for more details). Failure to comply with these terms & conditions will result in the agreement being terminated where you will still be accountable for the price of the services purchased.


After completing a purchase, The Grind Time Media will contact you via call or email to run through onboarding which will take 5-10 minutes. Is it your duty to ensure you are available for the onboarding call. If there is a time you prefer us to contact you, please add a comment in the notes upon checkout.

We will attempt to call you 3 times to go through onboarding. After 3 attempts we request that you as the purchaser contact us to arrange a time you are available for onboarding. If you do not complete the onboarding process within 21-days of purchasing the services, the agreement will be terminated & the funds will be kept in full.

Each service provided under The Grind Time Media has its own timeframe specified on the service listing. When purchasing any service, you agree to the terms outlined in the service description. The Grind Time Media can not be held liable for any missed key dates specified if resources or notice have not been provided on time. You must ensure plenty of notice is provided of key dates so that each service can be provided efficiently. Please refer to the service listing on the store for exact information. 

Throughout the agreement, both parties must adhere to the deadline dates outlined during the onboarding call. The Grind Time Media will not be held liable for missed deadline dates if resources have not been provided for the services purchased. The Grind Time Media will allow you to pause your services for a maximum of 21-days providing written notice is given. After 21-days & throughout the remaining agreement, you will be unable to pause for a further 21-days. Failure to return to the services purchased after this date, the agreement will be terminated, where funds will be kept in full & services will not be carried out.


The Grind Time Media requires the purchaser to provide resources to carry out the services purchased. The purchaser must provide the resources on the date specified during the onboarding call to ensure all key dates are maintained. Failure to provide the resources on the dates outlined will result in the project deliverables being postponed for a maximum of 21 days, during which time services will cease until the information is retrieved. Failure to retrieve the information after 21-days will result in the agreement being terminated. This applies to store revisions. It is your duty to provide all information requested & not half to ensure the contract is not terminated & that project deliverable can be delivered on time.


The Grind Time Media are only responsible to fulfil the services purchased & will only deliver the project deliverables under each product breakdown. Any additional work determined outside the purchase will be at an additional cost of £49.99 per hour. Should the purchaser require any additional services not listed on our site, they should start a live chat to see if The Grind Time Media can provide the services required. Should you have any questions relating to the services you purchased, please start a live chat.

The Grind Time Media offer product uploads as a service to help customers kickstart their online store. The Grind Time Media will only upload a maximum of 249 products per client. It is your duty to provide the resources needed to upload the products, which includes titles, descriptions, photos, price, compare price, weight (If Applicable), variants for sizes, vendors, collections & any other information required. Information not provided will not be added & will need to be added at a later date by you. All products can have a maximum of 3 photos uploaded by us, if provided by you.

During the agreement, it's important to maintain communications throughout to ensure services can be provided efficiently & on time. The Grind Time Media can not take responsibility for missed key dates, such as email campaigns, store build & any other service if communications have not been kept by you.

Failure to not communicate within 7 days will result in all services being put on hold until communications are made. Failure to respond within 21 days, will result in all services purchased to date ceasing with immediate effect, where all funds paid to date will be kept in full & no future services to be carried out.

The Grind Time Media will ensure weekly updates are provided for the work carried out. All communications should be made by or using our live chat. Emails will be responded to every 24 hours & suggest using live chat for a faster response.

The Grind Time Media office hours are Monday to Friday between the hours of 09:00 AM & 17:00 PM (Excluding Bank Holiday). No communications regarding services are to be made elsewhere, to ensure clarity is maintained. Please use consultation services to request a call with us.

The Grind Time Media do not take responsibility for GDPR compliance for the services purchased. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure all GDPR compliance is maintained & that The Grind Time Media is indemnified from any disputes regarding GDPR compliance within your business. 

The Grind Time Media do not take responsibility for any form of copyright infringement. This includes certifying work, copying & pasting photos by request or any other form of breach within this law. Therefore, the purchaser agrees The Grind Time Media is indemnified at all times. 

At all times the purchaser must ensure all business details is provided. This includes but is not limited to Director Name, Company Name, Business Number, Second Contact Number, Email Address & Company Address. This information will not be shared & will be kept on file for the term of the agreement & can be requested to be removed 3-months after the agreement is terminated. 

All email marketing services are based on Shopify emails, Privvy or Klaviyo. Before purchasing, please ensure you are happy to move forwards using these platforms to host all email marketing services. You must ensure your set up the applicable platform and allow us access through Shopify to carry out the work. If you are using Wix or other hosting platforms, please invite us as a staff member directly to the email platform to ensure we can carry out the work to hand. If you have purchased the services accepting the terms & conditions, please see the cooling-off period or cancellation period should you wish not to continue. It is your duty to ensure you cover the cost of the email platform to cover the marketing needs.


By making a purchase you understand the services you selected & what each intel is. We do not issue refunds should a service be purchased by mistake. Any services purchased by mistake will be refunded in full by store credit or refunded under the cancellation terms & conditions.

At any stage, The Grind Time Media will not access or carry out any work on platforms that are not Shopify based. This includes gathering information from your Wix, WooCommerce, and GoDaddy dashboards. We do not create online stores or websites that are not on Shopify. As well as carrying out a service-based website. We are an eCommerce agency that only uses Shopify & builds platforms for people to sell their products.

What is not displayed on the website, we will not carry out.


All services sold by The Grind Time Media are either based or hosted by Shopify. Therefore, do not provide services to any other platforms. The Grind Time Media are registered Shopify Partners & hold the rights to create, market & support your online Shopify journey.

If you already have a Shopify account your regular hosting payment applies. If you are new to Shopify, Shopify is a hosting platform for your eCommerce site which comes at a fee. You can check out Shopify Plans by visiting Shopify alternatively their basic monthly plans start at £19.00 plus VAT.

The Grind Time Media are not in control of any payments to Shopify & therefore can not reflect Shopify costs as part of our service. The Grind Time Media do, however, make a slight monthly commission from each successful payment for your plan made as a thank you from Shopify.

As part of Shopify, you are required to set up payment terminals to enable you to transact on your website. You can use Shopify Payment directly to make these payments. However, you can use other terminals such as PayPal. It is your duty to research the payment terminal you wish to see & if the terminal can be used with Shopify. Although we can guide you with setting up your payment terminals, we can not set up payment terminals for you. This applies to Shipping. Basic Royal Mail Shipping will be set up.


The Grind Time Media require access to your Shopify Store as well as any other third-party app required to carry out the purchased services. A request will be sent directly after your onboarding call. The request must be accepted within 24 hours to prevent any delays in the services being carried out.

At no time throughout the agreement you are to blame, pass or use The Grind Time Media as a support tool should an error occur on Shopify or a third-party app. You must contact Shopify or the relevant app team directly for support.

The Grind Time Media permissions can be limited, but rest assured bank details & payouts can never be accessed by a third-party login. You must maintain monthly payments to apps & keep all elements up to date for The Grind Time Media to carry out the work. Failure to maintain apps that result in The Grind Time Media being unable to carry out work will result in a termination of the agreement unless the app's direct fault.

At any stage during the agreement, The Grind Time Media is removed. All services will stop with immediate effect & the contract will be terminated. Once the contract comes to an end, The Grind Time Media should be removed from all access to your store unless specified otherwise.

All project deliverables are tested on functionality & abilities on all major online search engines such as Google, Safari & Firefox for compatibility. The Grind Time Media, can not take responsibility for project functionality on any search engines & request you to contact the search engine provider should anything be wrong. 

Any services carried out by The Grind Time Media may show different on various screens size & types. This includes a website or email visuals, colours & text. It is not The Grind Time Media responsibility for the looks of any services provided that may show different on various screens.


The majority of services include revisions (Excluding Webinars, Masterclasses, apps & Consultations). All revisions are requested the day after the work has been carried out. You have 7-days to bring any revisions to our attention for store builds, email series & 48 hours for newsletters.

Store builds (Excluding Basic Shopify Set-up) include 30-minute revisions & email marketing includes 10 minutes revisions per email campaign created that week. App installations also include 10 minutes.

Revisions can not include any additions to the project, such as complete new branding, new pages, new functionality or write-ups. But, can include a change in fonts, colours or images. Any additions that are not included in the revisions are at an hourly rate of £49.99 per hour. Failure to provide revisions in the time specified for store builds, series & app installations will result in the work being deemed complete & signed off. For email marketing, if revisions are not provided, the email will be paused & used for the next campaign or not sent at all.

The Grind Time Media is not responsible for paying for any costs of outside paid assets. This includes, but is not limited to, hosting, domain, GDPR, SSL certificates, third-party apps, images, content, premium fonts, monthly subscriptions, transaction fees & any other outside costs past, present & future. It is your responsibility to understand the prices of each paid asset.

Once the project is deemed complete & has been signed off, The Grind Time Media will transfer store ownership. This is when you will be required to start paying for Shopify & set up payment terminals. Full guidance will be provided. During the transfer process, The Grind Time Media will not be able to access the store until the monthly Direct Debit is set up & cannot take responsibility if the owner decides to set up the store or not. After 7-days of the transfer not being accepted, the agreement will be terminated & work carried out to date will be lost. If payment plan has been provided, balance must be cleared before the store is transferred. 

The Grind Time Media hold the right to apply "Powered By The Grind Time Media" on the footer of all services purchased. This includes Branded Shopify Store Build & all email marketing content. To remove "Powered By The Grind Time Media" a fee of £149.99 applies for store designs & £24.99 applies per email. A fee of £249.99 can be made to remove all credits past, present & future. Should design credits be removed at any stage without consent, a fee of £249.99 will automatically be applied. 

All payments for services are paid upfront unless payment plan has been provided. At all times, The Grind Time Media do not take responsibility for any misunderstanding of the services purchased & is the duty of the purchaser to understand the services they have selected. Therefor upon agreeing to our terms & conditions you agree to our payment schedule. 
We want to ensure our services are affordable for every business & provide the option to pay upfront to save or pay in two or three with a 10% interest rate. When a payment plan is provided, you will be required to pay a deposit upfront, then a further payment 21-days after & if pay in three is provided a finale payment 42-days after initial payment. At all times, you are reliable for the total amount of the services selected.
Payment plans can be paid early. Any project on a payment plan is to be held on file until full payment is made. Please see late payment fees for information on missed payment. 

Should any payment not be paid on the due date whether it be a payment plan or marketing package, a late payment fee of £9.99 will be applied, with a further request to retrieve funds will be sent over a 7-day window. Failure to make payment within 7-days a daily fee of £4.99 will be applied for a maximum of 28-days. After 28-days, we will seek to escalate matters with our legal team, of which you will be liable to cover the costs of both late payment fees & remaining service costs with interest. At any stage payment is not made, all services will be placed on hold until contact is made. Should you have any questions about your payments contact us.

All purchases made on The Grind Time Media are subject to a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the service cost (Excluding Accounts & Hourly Paid Work). This is to cover the cost of Admin, transactions fees, booking dates, project planning, project designing, resources, onboarding & team briefings. If a payment plan has been provided, you are still liable to pay for at least 50% of the service cost if cancelled within the 14-days cooling off period. 

You hold the rights to a 14-day cooling-off period, from the date a formal agreement is made, verbally, written or by online purchase. From the date the agreement is active, you have exactly 14-days to cancel to prevent any further fees from being applied.

When cancelling within the 14-days, your deposits for the services will be kept & you will be refunded the outstanding balance (See refunds). If any work has been carried out in the 14-days, you will be subject to cover the cost of the services carried out in addition to your non-refundable deposit in full. You are not entitled to a cooling off period if you have selected a pre-planned marketing package or have opened a client account. 

At any stage you wish to cancel the services purchased after the 14-day cooling-off period, you can do so by contacting us at

After the 14-day cooling period, you will be liable to cover the cost of the services purchased in full, whether you wish to continue or not at any stage of the agreement & therefore no refund will be provided when cancelled.

If you need to pause your services, you can do so for a maximum of 21-days for free of which you accept liability for any delays caused by this.
As of October 9th 2022, 10% of each transaction is non-refundable ontop of the agreed amount in this agreement. 
For marketing packages, you must provide a 30's written notice to cancel your services or pay a early termination fee of £99.99.
By purchasing an account with The Grind Time Media, you understand accounts are non-refundable from the date of purchase.

All accounts are valid for 365-days from the date of purchase & is your responsibility to use the account before it expires & we do not accept liability if you were not to use the account. Once the account expires, the funds remaining will be kept.

When purchasing an account, you can not use your account discount to open another account. Neither can you use your account discount on top of other promotions? Your discount code will be provided within 24 hours of you opening an account & will be valid for 365-days to use on The Grind Time Media store (Excluding any physical products). The code will be unique to you & must not be shared with anybody else. If code is shared, the code will be disabled & the agreement for the account will be terminated. The person using the account will be liable to pay for the services in full whether they wish to receive them or not.
Accounts discount cannot be used on Ecommerce Packages or Accounts themselves.

At any stage The Grind Time Media has a change in price whether it's increased or decreased, you will still be required to pay for the price of goods at the listing price displayed on that exact day.

Any refunds requested when using the account to purchase will be subject to the same terms & conditions as a regular payment. Any refunds will be deposited back into your account to use again in our store.

By completing this purchase, you agree to our account's terms & conditions.
Under this agreement, both parties hold the right to cancel, if either all parties breach the agreement. When the agreement is terminated, all work will cease with immediate effect. If the agreement is terminated, monthly payment plans will need to be paid in full within 7-days. No refunds will be issued if the agreement is terminated after a breach of the terms & conditions. 
Under this agreement, The Grind Time Media hold the rights to update terms & conditions providing 30-day notice is given. If you have any questions about the update & how it may affect you contact us.
The Grind Time Media will do everything within its power to carry out the services purchased, but can not accept liability for the success of the business directly, indirectly, or consequently. This includes, but is not limited to sales, revenue, traffic & legalities such as GDPR. The Grind Time Media will not take responsibility for any future changes to the services once the work is completed. Once work is completed, it is the responsibility of the business owner to make applicable changes. 

By purchasing from The Grind Time Media, you are legally bound to the terms & conditions of services. This agreement can not be renewed at any stage. If one part of the agreement becomes invalid for the unenforceable, the remaining stays in full force. By not complying with the agreement, you acknowledge all services will cease with immediate effect & further action will be taken if necessary if one part of the agreement is breached. By completing your purchase directly, in person or via invoice, you agree to all our terms & conditions outlined.
Date Amended: 20/08/2022 at 07:33
Amended By: Jaike Lightfoot