Why should I choose you?

Our founders are both partners in business & partners in life. They have spent the last 3-years building a system that works for all types of businesses online without the price tag itself. Not only do they provide a personal experience, but they also understand what it takes to ensure your business has the best of both Worlds. That is why with TGTM, your not just a number, you are part of the TGTM journey.

What makes you different?

We're not simply concerned with how we can monetise every business. Our focus is on how we can help you monetise. With the world increasingly moving online, we want to share our expertise with you. That way, what we know--you will also know. This something other agencies aren't willing to do.

Who have you worked with?

We have a long history of working with clients from the very beginning of their journey. If you would like to see our work, we have a portfolio ready to be sent to you! The majority of our clients are located in Kent, Sussex, Essex, Hampshire, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, and many other places.


Why do you take payment upfront?

We run on a booking basis, where customers' projects are dedicated to a day. This means by taking a payment upfront, we can accommodate the resources needed for your project.

How long does the services take?

All eCommerce services are fully developed in under 48-days depending on when we receive all the relevant information to carry out the work. For smaller projects, we run on a 28-day turnaround.

How much input do I need?

As much or as little as you require. As longs as we have the basics of logo, branding, collections, a little about you & the business as well as photos, we will be able to handle the rest.

Who can have a ecommerce store?

Most businesses can have a ecommerce store, even service-based businesses like us. The list is endless, but here are a few. Restaurants, Takeaways, Bakery, Home Interior Stores, Lifestyle Shops, Art Galleries, Cleaning Businesses & anyone else who wants to monetise online.

What systems connect to Shopify?

Whilst being able to connect to till systems such as Epos, Shopify has their own POS systems. This includes a complete till set-up or their POS Light which is free for any Shopify Merchant. All you need to do is grab a Wise Pad Machine & compatible tablet or phone.

How do I manage products on Shopify?

Products can be added with ease using Shopify App or accessing Shopify on a desktop. Full training for Shopify is provided by us if an ecommerce package is purchased.

How do I manage orders on Shopify?

Orders can be managed with ease using Shopify App or accessing Shopify on a desktop. Full training for Shopify is provided by us if an ecommerce package is purchased.


Why do I need a management plan?

We offer management plans for our support & general website updates that are easily forgotten about. Having a plan doesn't only protect you, but protects the hard work you have put in to get to where you are.

Is there a direct debit or contract?

No. There are no direct debits or contracts involved. Your support will kick in 48 hours after you have purchased a plan. Before your plan expires, you will have a notification to renew.

Is the support for any website?

No. Support plans are only for Shopify merchants & no other website hosting company.


Is there a contract?

Yes. All Marketing packages are a minimum of 30 days notice to terminate unless paid upfront where our normal terms & conditions apply.

When does my package start?

As soon as a package has been purchased, we will run through onboarding which takes roughly 7-10 working days. Once this is completed, you will be provided with key dates & times of when work will be carried out.

When should I renew my package?

7-days before your latest package ends. This is so we can keep up with the package itself & ensure consistency is seen within your marketing campaigns. We will notify you of the expiry of the current package & when to renew.

Who can use your marketing services?

Anyone who has an email subscriber list bigger than 250+ subscribers. If you are not already collecting data, ensure to do so. Please check GDPR compliances.

Which email platforms do you use?

We use Shopify emails, Privy & Klaviyo as our main emailing platforms.

How do you track marketing results?

Using the email platforms, we can track calls to action, open rates, click rates, sales & more. A breakdown is provided each month of the results generated.