Email Marketing T&C


When purchasing Email Marketing services from The Grind Time Media, the agreement will be month to month, where the "Business", or "Individual" is required to purchase new services month on month. Email Series "Flows" are one-off purchases & will be delivered within 28-days of the purchase date. 


The "Business", or "Individual" will be hiring The Grind Time Media for the total value outlined at checkout (This only applies for Email Marketing). Each project can only total a maximum of 21-hours of service time per month. Please check the time guides on the product pages. The price paid is based on the information provided by the "Business", or "Individual" & anything not outlined in the purchase will be at an additional cost should it be required. By making the payment upon checkout, you agree to our T&C.

What both parties agree to do:

The "Business", or "Individual" will be entered into this agreement the moment the transaction is progressed. The "Business", or "Individual" who completed the transaction are the only ones to communicate about project deliverables with The Grind Time Media. 

It is the duty of The "Business", or "Individual" to provide all the resources required to fulfil the project deliverables on the dates required. This will include, but is not limited to, Logo, text, colours, branding, images, links, domains, social media, GDPR registration (If Applicable), business details, bio & any other information required such as product images etc. 

The Grind Time Media can perform the requested services & will carry out the project deliverables in a professional timely manner. The Grind Time Media will not be held liable for missed dates such as store launches & deadlines if resources have not been provided on time. It's the duty of both parties to ensure communications are maintained throughout. Failure to communicate will lead to a termination of the agreement.


On boarding takes approximately 2- weeks to complete. Once services are purchased, a onboarding consultation & strategy meeting
will be arranged to discuss the project requirements & deliverables in-depth.


All communications for projects are to be made by email to Our opening hours are Monday to Friday between the hours of 09:00 AM & 17:00 PM Greenwich Maritime. Any communications made outside of email relating to projects will not be responded to. During opening hours you can expect a response within 3-hours. 

Project Deliverables: 

The Grind Time Media will only be responsible to provide the services purchased & deliver exactly what is outlined in the product descriptions. Any additional work determined outside the purchase will be at an additional cost of £50.00 Per Hour. Should the "Business", or "Individual" have any questions before making a purchase, they should complete a form on the Contact Us page outlining their queries. 

Booking Date:

All content creation is created on the Sunday of each week. Meaning emails are created on the Sunday for the following week. On Monday, The Grind Time Media will send previews of the project deliverables to overview. Once confirmed on Monday, email campaigns will be scheduled. Each customer is entitled to 5-minute revisions. All key dates for deliverables will be outlined during the onboarding call. For the email series "Flows" project deliverables will be complete within 21-days. 

Monthly Review:

Every successful month with The Grind Time Media a 10-minute review over the phone will be held at the end of every 4-weeks. This will be to assess the current strategy & overview of the work carried out. 

GDPR Compliance:

At all times it is the duty of the "Business", or "Individual" to ensure they are complying with the data protection act 1998 & that they indemnify The Grind Time Media from any arising issues should their business be in breach of the law.

Copyright Infringement:

During the agreement, it is the duty of the "Business", or "Individual" to ensure all resources sent to The Grind Time Media are not in breach of Copyright. By purchasing from the store you indemnify The Grind Time Media from any arising issues concerning the breach of copyright infringement.

Fraudulent Activity:

It is the duty of the "Business", or "Individual" to ensure all subscribers are authentic & apply to GDPR rules. The Grind Time Media will not take any responsibility for data collected & the "Business", or "Individual" indemnify The Grind Time Media from any arising issues. 

Business Information:

All correct business details should be provided at all times. It is the duty of the "Business", or "Individual" to provide, the best contact email, best phone number, address for the business, VAT registration & any company house information.

Shopify Access:

The Grind Time Media require access to the "Business", or "Individual" Shopify Store to carry out the work deliverables. It is the duty of the "Business", or "Individual" to accept the request within 72-hours of the request being sent. The Grind Time Media will require full access to the store to manage products, online stores, apps & customers (Payments & Payouts are not accessible at all times). 

The Grind Time Media do not take responsibility for any arising issues on your Shopify Store whilst access is maintained. The only work that is carried out is the project deliverables purchased. The store owner must contact Shopify should any arising issues occur whilst using Shopify.

Shopify Payments:

The Grind Time Media are registered Shopify Partners & therefore are a third-party service to the hosting platform. We do not work for, with or associate with Shopify in any shape or form. Shopify has a monthly cost, depending on location in the World from £19.00 + VAT per month in the UK. Although these payments are subject to change. Each month The Grind Time Media will take a monthly commission upon every successful sign up to Shopify. The Grind Time Media is not held responsible for any arising issues around Shopify.

Third-Party Access:

The Grind Time Media will require access to third-party apps to carry out project deliverables. It is the duty of the "Business", or "Individual" to provide access to these apps & maintain their administration of them. It is not the duty of The Grind Time Media to install applicable apps, manage apps or provide support should the app not respond. 

Third-party Apps:

Shopify is one of the largest Ecommerce hosting platforms that allow its users to install multiple third-party apps through their app store. It is the duty of the "Business", or "Individual" to ensure these apps are corresponding correctly. It is down to the discretion of the "Business", or "Individual" to install the apps which may be subject to a monthly subscription.

Browser Functionality:

All work carried out by The Grind Time Media is tested for functionality & abilities across all major online platforms such as Google, Safari & Firefox. The Grind Time Media cannot take responsibility for store functionalities on these search engines & recommends the "Business", or "Individual" to contact Shopify Support.

Screen Comparison:

All work carried out by The Grind Time Media should be seamless when transitioning from screen to screen. However, it can not be guaranteed the "Business", or "Individual" store will look, load or function the same on different screens. 

Error Review & Revisions:

All newsletter campaigns include 5-minute revisions. All other campaigns include 10-minutes revisions. All reviews are carried out each Monday. Any tweaks are to be sent before 17:00 PM on Monday. Any revisions sent outside this time frame will be subject to a fee or the campaign will be sent without review.


The "Business", or "Individual" is responsible for the cost of any outside paid assets. This includes , but limited to hosting, domain, GDPR licensing, SSL certificates, third-party plugins, images, content, premium fonts, monthly subscriptions within Shopify, transaction fees & any arising outside costs in the future. The Grind Time Media will not be liable for any contribution towards these assets now or in the future. 

Exclusive Design Credit:

The Grind Time Media hold the right to apply "Powered By The Grind Time Media" in the footer of each email campaign. Should the design credit need to be removed at any stage a fee of £50.00 applies. At any stage, the design credit can be adapted to current branding needs for The Grind Time Media only.

Payment Schedule:

All payments for services are taken upfront. Once the initial payment is made, you will be asked if you would like to create a direct debit to maintain repeated services. Any changes to the services you Direct Debit will increase or decrease to adapt to your new services. All Series "Flows" are one-off payments. Once the payment is made, it can not be used towards any other services The Grind Time Media offer. Each payment is non-refundable once purchased, to cover the cost of preparations & time.

Late Payment Fee:

If the "Business", or "Individual" has agreed to a short or long-term agreement. A direct debit will be in place to make payments every month from the date of the services purchased. Should the direct debit not go through on the requested days, The Grind Time Media will cease providing services & re-attempt to take payment 3 times within a 14-day window. Failure to retrieve the money owed, you will be liable to pay for the following month's payment & a late payment fee of £28.00 where the agreement will be cancelled & services terminated. 


Each payment is classed as a non-refundable deposit of its own. If you are subscribing to our services by setting up a Direct Debit, the first payment will be classed as a non-refundable deposit.  

Cooling Off Period:

If the "Business", or "Individual" needs to cancel the service, they can do so in the 14-days cooling period. Any money paid, will not be refunded & will be kept as a deposit of services for time, preparations & admin. Should you sign up for a month-to-month agreement. Only the first payment of the month will be classed as a deposit. For any other payments or plans, the T&C will be discussed directly. 


Each service brought under Email Marketing expires within 6-weeks. Meaning if the "Business", or "Individual" has brought the services but has remained silent, no work will be carried out but funds will be kept. 2-weeks are the initial onboarding & remaining 4 weeks are to activate your services. Each month, a week before the current month, you are required to purchase the services again. For any changes to the project deliverables, a new onboarding is required. There are no maximum terms you can serve, simply pay as you go. No cancellation is required unless you are in a Direct Debit for an agreed term, where the "Business", or "Individual" will be required to serve 28-days' notice.


The Grind Time Media will do everything within its power to provide our customers with the most amazing Email Marketing Campaigns, but The Grind Time Media can not accept liability for the success of the business & store directly, indirectly, or consequently. This includes, but is not limited to sales, revenue, traffic & legalities such as GDPR. It is the duty of the "Business", or "Individual" to remain in contact throughout the project deliverables.

The Grind Time Media will not take responsibility for any future changes to the campaigns once the work is reviewed. Once revisions have been complete, the campaigns will be signed off as finished & therefore becomes the "Business", or "Individual" responsibility from the date it's scheduled to send.


By purchasing this service, you are legally bound to these T&C. This cannot be renewed throughout. If for some reason one part of the T&C becomes invalid for the unenforceable, the remaining remain in full force. 

The "Business", or "Individual" hereby, accepts the T&C when purchasing these services from The Grind Time Media and hereby understands failure to comply with the T&C will result in a termination of the services & further action being taken if necessary.