About Us

From losing everything to growing an agency to a global brand in the making.

Let us introduce ourselves, our agency, and our journey so far.

We are The SP Partners (Chloe & Jaike) and we're the proud owners of our new agency, "The Grind Time Media". A little over three years ago, we started our agency, "The SP Partners," to help local businesses develop an eCommerce brand online to help their business reach new potential.

Fast forward to today, we are one of the fastest growing media agencies in the South East with over 100+ customers whom we have built eCommerce stores for, and helped market and expand their knowledge in the online world.

Up until the launch of The Grind Time Media, our new agency, we haven't had an online presence as such, as we spent the last 3 years building our agency based on cold calling and by visiting local businesses personally in Kent, Sussex, Essex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Somerset & London. From doing this action, we have a CRM of 1000+ people who know us personally in these areas. We will continue this method with our new venture and combine this with Social Media.

The idea of The Grind Time Media has been part of our lives for 2 years and was developed based on being a "One-Stop Shop" for all your online needs. We wanted to build an agency that is forever adapting to new research and always providing knowledge from first-hand experience.

The Grind Time Media name has always been a message for those people who are consistent and want to make something of themselves from nothing. Just like us and many others, we started with just £19.00 to our name, which was meant for the essentials in life & decided to follow our dreams.

Now it's time to give back. From the change from The SP Partners to The Grind Time Media, we wanted to make a promise to our customers that you can find the help & support that you need for marketing for much less. You don't have to be tied into these huge contracts or even use a marketing agency at all. We wanted a platform that still offers our services at a more affordable rate, but also provides people with the opportunity to learn through masterclasses or webinars. Expanding personal knowledge in business is key.

Some of you are probably questioning why you should invest your hard-earned money with us. Unlike many other agencies, we have helped over 100+ customers with their Shopify journey. Of which, we have helped many establish their blueprint for their business with an organic marketing strategy. No Facebook ads, No Google Ads. Just understand your customers, niche, and product. That is our UPS. Not like most of these gurus or people who say they are going to show you the same replica of how they grew their business in the hope it works for you. No, we have physically helped businesses establish their own unique model for their online shop and we want to do the same for you.

On The Grind Time Media shop, you will find the usual agency services that we have increased in services and decreased in cost. You will find a variety of masterclasses to pre-order filmed by us personally, with an expected 100+ to be live by the end of the year. You will find free learning resources, free webinars, The Grind Time Media account and a lot more to come in the future.

One important section of our store is the business stories we want to share with you, to give all our customers the inspiration they need whilst building their online brand. You won't find stories that are unrealistic or stories that are about people who are already at the top of the chain. But, there are stories of business owners who, like you, are currently on their business journey to achieve their goals. So go check it out.

Over the next 2,3,5, & 10 years, we have some huge plans in the virtual world, the online space, future trends, and future platforms that we all know are around the corner.

Finally, thank you to everyone for your support so far in our journey. We hope you enjoy The Grind Time Media as much as we are building the platform.

Chloe Lovett & Jaike Lightfoot