Can any business gain from a Ecommerce website?

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Having an eCommerce website can benefit any type of business, including restaurants, wine merchants, deli's, butchers, gift shops, clothing boutiques, lifestyle stores, plant shops & even a service based business. Any of these businesses & more can start reaping in the benefits of a eCommerce website if they simply know how to get started. That is why, we have created a powerful blog to help breakdown the types of reasons you can beneft from a eCommerce website & how.

The primary reason you can take advantage of an eCommerce website today is the simplicity of managing, retaining, and converting website traffic or customers. By using Shopify as your hosting platform, you not only receive a fully functional website that is adaptive. But, as a business owner, you also gain the ability to keep a database (CRM) of all your regular customers, potential prospects, and future leads. The ability to make the day-to-day running of your business significantly easier. On top of this, Shopify has a free POS app that comes with all paid plans, meaning you can take sales on the go as long as you have a tablet, phone, and a wisepad 3 machine. Finally, you also have the power to make adaptive changes to the website's looks, ensuring photos and stock are updated quickly and without any extra work load, keeping your campaigns visually pleasing & workload less throughout.

Besides the simplicity of the dashboard, let's talk about a eCommerce site capabilities. Any eCommerce website created on Shopify gives you the power to link Meta; meaning you can offer Instagram & Facebook shop. Shopify has also been working closely to create Twitter shop, which is a big advancement in the online World. The likes of TikTok is a growing sales channel, but you can still gain from the dashboard whilst doing a TikTok live by accessing new orders and giving away free gifts and promotions. In addition to connecting to many social media platforms, Shopify also has the perk of displaying various payment options (once set-up), such as Klarna, ClearPay & LaybBuy. This gives your customers the option to shop freely and spread the cost of the purchase.

Each eCommerce website on Shopify is adaptive and designed with the future in mind. With many free themes, paid themes, and apps, you can have a store developed with ease by an agency like us. With prime features on the store itself, such as quick adds, mega menus, default legal policies to ensure legal compliance online (as a guide), email pop-ups for data collection, and of course Google and Apple Pay, making it far easier for someone to purchase with a click of a button. Each Shopify store comes with a seamless checkout offering the option for shipping, local collection, and nationwide shipping (all of which is set up by an agency). And to make things even better, it is set up for the courier to collect directly from you, with easy links to thermal printers for labelling. The point we're making, the World is your oyster & any business can benefit from a eCommerce website if the right platform is used.

Another reason why any type of business can benefit from an eCommerce website is that, with a little creativity, any business can be adapted to sell online. If a takeaway is busy and can't answer the phone, it's a missed sale. But if you have a website and guide customers to order there, you'll never miss a sale again. Of course, any form of shipping is disabled and only delivery or click-and-collect is enabled. This also means no more high fees from third-party providers, as you are your own online host and are in control of those busy times. This is true for brick-and-mortar shops as well. Yes, Amazon is very big. But why allow Amazon to put you off an eCommerce website? People want to buy from you, and it's you who is putting a stop to people wanting to buy from you. That's why you too can benefit from an eCommerce website. There are agencies like us who can guide you. But more importantly, how can you make money on your eCommerce website?

Shopify provides easy access to marketing tools, blogging & SEO, giving you full control of your marketing strategy. You can also send newsletters directly from your Shopify dashboard, meaning you can make those extra sales within minutes. If you enjoy writing content and want to connect with your customers, Shopify has a blog section on the dashboard for you to get creative. If you want to compete on Google & improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), you can work through your Search Engine Listings on each product or collection to increase your chances of success. You can also create discount codes in seconds if you're running a mega discount, or provide a discount code to an influencer to help spread the word about your business.

Many people trust these third-party selling platforms without actually trusting themselves. Anyone can start selling online and gain instant credibility. We're not saying to stop using these platforms. But, at least think of a way to do both--save yourself those fees that add up over time and start developing your own online presence. With a one-time fee from an agency like us and a small monthly payment, you can have the power to transform the way your business operates and start achieving new levels of success. Maybe you already have an online presence, but the hosting platform you are using is just not the right fit. Or, maybe your online presence is booming, but you picked up on a few key areas here that you feel you need extra help with. That is why we feel it's important to provide knowledge to any business in the hope that it helps.

If you are in need or a eCommerce website, or a re-build of your current Shopify website or if you are looking at ways to improve sales online, increase customer conversion & keep customers engaged. Contact us now or checkout our services by clicking here.