From redundancy to the slate lady, Kirsty Spikings grew her business from 0-100 with the help of TikTok.

The family-run business 'The Perfect Gift Co' was set up by Kirsty in 2021 when Kirsty, unfortunately, become redundant, little did Kirsty know a simple family tree gift to her grandma was the beginning of something great to come.

Kirsty started her journey on TikTok when she shared the gift idea her grandma was about to receive, the views came flooding in and Kirsty was starting to become a big hit. 

Rewind to 2021 Kirsty was made redundant from the position of a manager at a restaurant at the same time as falling pregnant. She found herself struggling to afford basic gifts for family and friends so started to embark on her own journey of making her own. Fast forward to her first viral TikTok video and not looking back.

When speaking to Kirsty we wanted to get a better understanding of her and her business. We asked her to share one piece of advice someone reading this may benefit from.

"Use social media to your best advantage"

Expressing her love for social media, she added that it is a free tool which she thinks is amazing. She then explained that all business owners should show off what they do, and the love will come flying in. Not forgetting, "Not every day is going to be a winner but stay the course"

Another question we asked Kirsty was, "What is your top platform which has helped you grow your business" if you are still reading Kirsty's amazing story you probably have already guessed it but here is what Kirsty said.

"TikTok – Without a doubt, a lot of sales have come from TikTok since going viral with a post last year. We found TikTok’s algorithm for growth is simple if consistent. Check us out @theslatelady"

Kirsty has now successfully opened her shop, which is located in Swinnow Grange Mills, LS13 4EP and is open Mon-Fri 09:00 am - 14:30 pm (Wednesdays are open until 15:00 pm)

At The Perfect Gift Co HQ, you will find Kirsty and her family. Kirsty's partner Joe managed to quit his manual labour job and join the team as well as Kirsty's sister and Cousin Markus.

If you found this blog inspirational & helpful, drop us a message. We would love to hear from you to ensure we provide a personal experience with the content we are providing.

Thank you, Kirsty, for the opportunity to briefly share your story & we cannot wait to catch up in a few months with your journey online.

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