From damaged hair to a personally used viral product that is being used every day, here is how Lucie turned her struggles into everybody's answer to damaged hair.

As a 21-year-old undergraduate student at The University of Warwick, Lucie took a calculated leap of faith when she decided to venture into the British hair care market with a range of pre-wash hair treatments. 

Her expertise in Luxury Marketing, PR, Business & Brand Development helped her handcraft Hair Syrup TM.

Lucie began researching Hair Care after years of bleaching & mistreating her own locks in an effort to bring back life to her delicate, dry hair in 2019. She almost gave up on her straw-like lengths after spending hundreds of pounds on expensive, recommended hair products that yielded no lasting results. Feeling out of pocket & deflated, she had reached her breaking point. Her discovery of pre-wash hair treatments came about when she came across an article citing their numerous benefits. 

In search of a natural pre-wash treatment, Lucie visited local salons and high-street stores armed with this invaluable information. Then, when she couldn't find a product that suited all her requirements, she was faced with yet another hurdle.

In her student kitchen, she used her love for DIY and crafts to formulate her own pre-wash treatment. It was here that Hair Syrup was born. 

The treatment she made was proving effective at restoring her hangry hair after a few trials, errors, and mishaps.

Fast forward to the summer of 2020, her hair was back to full health & the UK was in a full covid-19 lockdown. Like most people during the start of the pandemic, Lucie quickly caved into downloading TikTok & found herself immersed in a section of the app called “hair tok”; essentially a space where people come to discuss all things healthy hair. She decided to post a video detailing my hair transformation & outlining the steps she took to achieve long, silky, strong hair.

Despite Lucie's minute following, the video ended up going viral & amassing views of over 600K with one main question recurring in her comments section, “What was that oil you used in the video?”. They were of course referring to what is now sold as Hair Syrup and she was swamped with pleads from girls asking her to post them a bottle in exchange for money. Lucie refused to do this but months later the video was still gaining traction & requests still coming in strong. It was then that Lucie realised she had not only created a powerful product, but also found a gap in the British haircare Market that was worthy of exploring. 

When speaking to Lucie and finding out more about herself and her amazing brand we asked her what advice she would give to aspiring business owners, this is what she said, 

"Be Bold & Brave. Starting a business is terrifying, but don’t dwell too heavily on the “what ifs?” or you will never take the opportunity" 

This is something at The Grind Time Media we feel really strongly about, it's all about taking the leap of faith and giving it your all. 

Fast forward a year, thousands of bottles have been sold & Hair Syrup has a combined social media following of nearly 80,000 people which is incredible. 

If you found this blog inspirational & helpful, drop us a message. We would love to hear from you to ensure we provide a personal experience with the content we are providing.

Thank you, Lucie & your team, for the opportunity to briefly share your story & we cannot wait to catch up in a few months with your journey online.

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