The story behind Tiktok's most dedicated businessman Tim Hayden

The beginning of "Hagley West Watches" & most loved phrase "Love your journey" by businessman Tim Hayden, started after a game of cricket where the idea for starting a watch brand was very much the gap in the market Tim has been looking for over the years.

Tim has always aspired to grow a global brand & after months of research decided the "Watch" market is a global brand idea he has been looking for.

Tim's journey started back in 2018 when Tim was only working part-time on his new watch venture (Hagley West Watches to be) whilst running another business of his. But in 2020, he decided he needed to go full-time in Hagley West Watches and put his all into growing the global brand he has been desiring to do for some time. 

Tim now works every day, and Hagley West Watches is definitely on track to becoming that exact global brand Tim has been planning. 

When asking Tim & his team what advice he would give to aspiring business owners is to be their response was "To be persistent have perseverance and be patient and love your journey" - Hagley West Watches Slogan. Tim & his team also go on to say "It is all about enjoying the process, and not just waiting for the end goal to be achieved" which we personally at The Grind Time Media truly believe.

Tim hasn't been shy when talking to Social Media & the majority of you would have seen the "Find Tim challenge" which is thriving on TikTok currently. With Tims 914K & growing he hosts a variety of life to engage his audience with the Hagley West brand. When asking Tim & the team why TikTok is a great platform their response was "Tiktok is great because it enables organic reach. If we were to pay in advertising for the views that we get, we wouldn't be able to afford it". This could never be more true with the current market trends of growing organic marketing compared to paid advertising which The Grind Time Media has been seeing for the last year when assessing marketing trends.

Not only has TikTok allowed Tim to grow his brand, but also shares his story & allows Tim to connect to his customers in a completely unique way.

Upon concluding our questions, we asked Tim & the team one fun fact about Hagley West Watches & their response was "One fun fact is that we beat the crowdfunding World record for our industry, raising £353,000 which valued the business at 3.4 million pounds" which is so impressive in business.

Crowdfunding: "Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising money from a large number of people, in modern times typically via the Internet". 

Tim has a lot more planned for his journey & we can not wait to share more with you. Please head on over to Hagley West Watches socials & drop Tim a follow by clicking the links below. You never know when a "Find Tim Challenge" is near you.

If you found this blog inspirational & helpful, drop us a message. We would love to hear from you to ensure we provide a personal experience with the content we are providing.

Thank you Tim & your team for the opportunity to briefly share your story & we can not wait to catch up in a few months with your journey online.

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