The journey behind Fate clothing & business owner Gary.

Fate Clothing, is an online brand which is rapidly growing & all started by one individual Gary. Gary initially started his journey during the pandemic, whilst working full time to gather the funds he needed to purchase the assets to start his clothing brand journey.
It was until the pandemic that Gary decided it was time to leave his past as a full-time joiner & start on his lifelong dream to begin his next chapter as the owner of Fate Clothing.

At the very beginning of the brand, Gary was using DTG printing onto t-shirt blanks as this was the most viable option financially & was the most straight forwards. Since then, Gary has partnered with a manufacturer after months of research who produces the top-quality clothing he sells today. But, this journey has never been straight forwards, it's been a lot of hard work.

The Grind Time Media asked Gary a few questions to help our audience understand the process of starting a brand & one question was the one piece of advice Gary would give to aspiring business owners.

Gary response was;

"Keep. Showing. Up". 

"There’s without a doubt going to be turbulent times and bumps in the road that’ll have you questioning why you even bothered starting your business in the first place".

"You’ll need to be resilient if you want it to work, there’s no easy road to go down so expect to be working late nights, during work breaks and having very little free time to yourself".

"When times do get tough, think of how great it’ll be when you make it. That’s your fuel".

This has never been more true. business is about maintaining your brand awareness. If you don't show up, people won't know you or your brand. When you "Keep Showing Up" more & more people discover your brand. The business has never been an easy journey & isn't something that just comes. It takes hard work, dedication & more as Gary rightfully explained & we should all take some advice from other business owners who have been there to understand it's a normal process. 

During Fate Clothing's journey, social media platforms have allowed Gary to grow his brand with organic reach. The likes of Instagram & TikTok provide the tools to reach more customers. Gary mostly uses TikTok & referenced "I started my business Instagram first but the platform that has helped my brand grow organically the most so far has been TikTok".

TikTok is becoming the World's leading platform giving business owners, influencers, and normal people the opportunity to create an online pressence to showcase their business, talent & stories. If you are a business owner, you need to get on TikTok now!

When concluding our brief questions about Fate Clothing & Gary's journey, we asked Gary what is the one fact about you & your brand that stands out.

Gary said "My brand's mission stands for going after what you want in life and following your fate. That’s what I’m doing now and hoping to inspire other people to strive for their goals in life whatever that may be".

The Fate Clothing logo itself represents Gary's answer above. The logo is the scales of fate, which is also Gary's star sign which is Libra. 

Gary has a lot more planned for his journey & we can not wait to share more with you. Please head on over to Fate Clothing socials & drop Gary a follow by clicking the links below.

If you found this blog inspirational & helpful, drop us a message. We would love to hear from you to ensure we provide a personal experience with the content we are providing.

Thank you Gary for the opportunity to briefly share your story & we can not wait to catch up in a few months with your journey online.

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